Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and the rain comes down

Ok, dont get me wrong, this rain is great, but we are supposed to be moving the studio today and its pouring. We spent all day yesterday moving, and finally knocked off about nine last night and fell into an exhauted sleep. When we woke it was raining, and evidently had been all night. My car, which I had parked conveniently close to the doors to unload, was now sitting in an inch of mud. I tried to reach it in my thongs and pyjamas and got stuck in the mud, which my new neighbours thought was quite hilarious. The car fared no better, we had to get it towed out. The poor thing looks like she has spent a week at a rally driving course.

So we are now out of Martin Street and not really living anywhere, as the new house is not quite finished. By that I mean we currently have no hot water, no drive way, no clothes line and no air conditioning, so I am moving in with my mother-in-law.

In the midst of all this chaos, the new place is a total shambles but still manages to look great.

So this is my last post before I unplug my trusty computer. ( Sob... no internet for about a week! ) This means my web site will be down and I will be unable to answer any emails for a while.

Our new address is 72 Jack Avenue. The phone numbers are the same.

Bye for now! See you all in the new place!

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