Saturday, January 03, 2009

meet the new studio mascot

Happy New Year! Can you believe that it's 2009 already?
We have a new member of the family. Let me introduce Bear. He is ten weeks old and totally cute. He still trips over his own feet and is getting to know Widget very well. ( Widget is the studio cat ).

We spent a couple of days up at Blowering Dam and ended up taking Bear with us, cause he was just too little to leave by himself. Had a great time on the ski boat, got so sore I could hardly move from trying to get up on the knee board ( and failing... again... and i have the best bruise to prove it ) but then it started raining so we headed home and have been trying to get the house all spiffed up. Lots of cleaning, tidying and rearranging and tomorrow we might even start on the gardens. You didnt think I would just sit around and relax did you? Although we are still closed till the 12th and I have a couple of days in Melbourne planned to get my fill of art and culture and maybe buy some new toys, props and furniture.
Then its all back to work! Is there anyone out there who really looks forward to going back to work? I love my job, but another two weeks off would be just lovely.


  1. Greetings from Argentina :)

  2. Hello! Thanks for posting a comment. I cant believe someone from Argentina reads my blog.