Thursday, July 16, 2009

what a trip!

I so love Australia. I love travelling, but each time i come home i fall in love with australia a little bit more. The little things, like sleeping in your own bed, a hot shower, having your cat smooch all over your new black jacket so its now covered in cat hair... they just make you appreciate being home.

as you can imagine, after a six week trip my head is still spinning ( and no i havent downloaded the photos yet ) and i havent even finished unpacking. so its officially back to work on monday to give me time to get my head on straight and get over the jet lag. as far as my body clock is concerned the world is all turned up on its head. and its soooo cold!

i will be posting photos from the trip as i edit them... but then work will take priority so it may take a while. so the blog will soon be back to its regular programming!!

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