Wednesday, January 27, 2010

coco and sunny

They came, they ran around, yelled, clapped hands, hugged each other, and rocked the camera.


  1. love them Skye. that family shoot is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Holy crap Skye, I love them! I cant believe you were able to get any shots of the wild one we call Sunny looking so cute!!! Cant wait to see more, you are a magician :-)

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Sorry I didnt know how else to leave a comment, haha I am a little tecno challenged, anonymous aka Larna x

  4. Larna, you should have your gallery by now, let me know if you havent got the email.

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Hi Skye, I just checked and it's not there, just check you have the right email, it's xx Woo Hoo chugga chugga!! cant wait xx

  6. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Sorry Skye, that email did come through, it went to Dylans bigpond account, so you did say you liked comments! did I leave enough?!!