Monday, September 27, 2010

off for a wedding { closed for a while }

My next wedding is on Stradbroke Island, I know, poor me! I will be closed from Wednesday and back in next Thursday the 7th of October. Apart from having cocktails on the beach, this will put everything at the studio back a week. So the cocktails better be really REALLY good.

And as usual i am stressing about what to pack. And how to cart all my camera gear up there safely, there is no way they are checking my camera in, so i hope it fits as hand luggage, and how much gear do i really need, and can i book in for a massage while i'm up there cause i really need one, and its not fair i have to work at the wedding cause i dont get to wear heels or a dress and i hope the light is good up there, and if our flight is delayed by five minutes we will miss the coach to catch the ferry.... AND i am booked out for the year and have a wait list already for next year. And its eleven o'clock on a Monday night and instead of blogging I should be sleeping cause i have two back to back shoots in the morning... so goodnight!

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