Thursday, September 23, 2010

the work experience girl

As a general rule, I dont take work experience students. Its just a bit awkard because the studio and my house are the same building. And i dont work regular hours, or have any kind of routine. I am trying to get a routine but its difficult. But i made an exception for Taryn, who has spent three jam packed days here at the Rocket Ranch. I had a location shoot booked in while she was here so she came along to that, and i used her as a fill in model to check my light and chair location while i waited for the client to arrive.

I think the biggest lesson to be learnt was that running a photography studio is only 10% photography. The rest is all that other stuff : downloading, backing up, editing, entering payments, more editing, sales sessions, cleaning up, doing window displays, dropping files off, picking up orders, packing orders.... and the odd hot chocolate to keep it all moving along.

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