Monday, October 25, 2010

hair rehab { a design project }

Some of you may already know that I actually started off as a graphic designer, I got my degree here in Wagga at CSU. I love graphic design. I miss it. So occasionally when a groovy little project comes along i jump at the chance to do a bit of design on the side. I am fussy with the projects I take on, as i dont want to do a lot of design, but this one was just too glamorous to miss.

Kath has just opened her new hairdressing salon up in Barrand Street in Wagga, and so we redesigned her business cards to match the new location. Its in a cute little heritage building, and we already had pink in her original colour scheme, but we added the black.

Kath does great cuts and colour, and somehow manages to cover up my greys, and she really shines at upstyles. She is responsible for a lot of the hair styles you see on the blog for my creative and model shoots. Check her out!

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