Tuesday, July 19, 2011

jade { six weeks old }

Just to prove that even my baby will crack a tanty during a photo session! The first time i tried to do a shoot for jades six week session she vomited, then pooed all over me, the bed and my bedoom floor, and then promptly peed on me too. Then she cracked a big tantrum and demanded to be fed.
So the only shot i got of her is this one.

But i do like the fabric in the background with that blue wrap so i might have to try that one again when she is in a better mood!

I had another go the next day and got better results. I was mostly playing with some new headbands to see what they looked like so didnt get a lot of different shots. Being six weeks old she is way past the age for newborn sessions, but she did sleep for me for a bit.

The middle flower clip is from 7lilgirls ( i have a few from there! ), the top one is from Diva and i made the bottom one.

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