Monday, August 08, 2011

all systems are offline!

So last week the other computer blew up. The one that runs my email and my slideshows. My email was back up and running, but the slideshows are still in limbo land. The tech guy is working on it!  I also lost about three months worth of my book keeping data. That will teach me to not back up while on maternity leave!

Then i decided that its about time my main computer went in for a service, its getting really slow and driving me CRAZY lately and Im not even at work at the moment! I need to get it all running happy before i go back to work and get hammered for the crazy christmas season. Can you believe Jade will be seven months old by Christmas?

With the main system offline everything goes offline. So no email, no slideshows... no editing ( not that i am doing much of that anyway right now! ) I will add some more info here when its all back up and running.

( As of Wednesday I have email back but the slideshows are still offline, at least until next week... Boo! )

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