Friday, April 20, 2012

jack { eighteen days new } newborn photography

Jack has freckles on his toes. I didnt see it at first, but the camera did. My camera always sees things like that, those little things. How does that quote go? Photography remembers the little things? Well I guess freckles are little things.

( All the gorgous knitted hats are from the studio MILK collection. MILK stands for mother-in-law knitted. She made the green blanket too. My mother-in-law has fabulous skills! )


  1. Bonnie4:07 PM

    Oh how adorable... Fantastic photos Skye xx oo

  2. Kylee xo4:47 PM

    Oh what a beautiful little man, and such a wonderful photographer, xo

  3. Danielle2:04 PM

    I totally agree.. fantastic photos from the best photographer ever xx