Thursday, April 05, 2012

what to wear

I bet a large majority of my clients shop online. The kids are in bed, you can munch on that chocolate without having to share, and its quite. The following clothes were all found online at one site, Babys Got Style. I subscribe to the newsletter so all this cute stuff ends up in my inbox.

 Gorgeous blue tutu from Alex and Ant, in other colours too. Match it with a pretty shirt. Find it here.
A seaside kaftan from Little Horn, find it here
These bloomers are divine, pick one of the colours out of the pattern for a shirt, from here

And boys are so much harder to shop for but i found some spunky stuff, like this midnight check shirt, find it here  
( and if you have an older boy and a baby girl, match this shirt with denim shorts and the bloomers above with a white or red singlet or shirt for her )

If i had a boy i would be buying this hat

Cowboys are cute, especially with some dark jeans, find it here

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