Thursday, May 03, 2012

jade { eleven months old } part two

These might be the favourite images i have taken of Jade. I love the colours and her gorgeous little expressions! Daddy came along to this session to help out, but even then the smiles lasted all of five minutes and then the serious face was back on. After about ten minutes she had decided that all those leaves were much more interesting than me. End of session.

She will be turning one in less than two weeks. Unfortunatley the weather will be cold so Im not sure if I will get to do the birthday session I had planned, it might be a cake smash in the studio instead. I do have a family session booked in Albury with the fabulous Briony Hardinge and a vintage lounge, and I have been looking for the perfect outfits to wear. Still looking though.

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  1. Kylee xo9:59 AM

    Oh Skye they are beautiful, i just love the black and white one, and her seriouse look is so cute.. :)