Saturday, January 26, 2013

rhys & nate

By this stage of her life Jade would have had about six photo sessions already, but with the boys i have only managed two. With the twins and Jade I just cant find the time! I am already sad they are out of the newborn stage... as far as photographing them goes anyway. Not sad they are starting to stretch their feeds out a bit longer. They will be seven weeks old this Australia day weekend and the time has just flown by in a blur of breast feeding and nappy changes.

I have been trying to find the time ( and the energy ) to do a mini shoot with Jade on location, but I havent quite figured out the logistics of it yet. And its hot.

( Nate is in the stripy blue and white hat, Rhys is in the brown and blue hat ) Speaking of Rhys he is cyring again, so its time for me to go and cuddle babies.


  1. So sweet. if u ever need a baby sitter for Jade feel free to ask xxx Nicole

  2. Nicole, you will be too busy yourself very soon!