Monday, January 07, 2013

the twins

Rhys Martin Keogh born on the 9th of December at 0419am weighing 2805g and 48cm long.

Nate James Keogh born at 0535am weighing 2415g and measuring 43cm long.

Welcome to the world my handsome little men!

( Rhys on the left, Nate on the right in this pic )

Although I am somewhat behind on posting as the boys are now just over a month old already, but with two newborns and a one and a half year old I usually have my hands pretty full at all times. I have only managed one photo session with them and even that was a struggle!

 The top five questions i get asked as mum of twins :

Are they identical?

Were they conceived naturally?
I think this is a bit of a personal question to ask somebody really, but yes, they were conceived naturally.

Are there twins in your family?
No. Finding out we were expecting twins was a huge shock!

Which ones which?
I think they look really different...

Did you have a cesarean?
No, i delivered the twins naturally at 37 weeks and they chose their own birthdate, although I would not have minded if they had arrived a bit earlier as I as having trouble even moving in the later stages of pregnancy.

and then the one i get asked all the time, "how do you cope?" and I asked a lot of my clients the same question when i was pregnant, and the answer was always the same. " you just do".


  1. Congratulations! I have been wondering what your babies were. You should see the questions I get asked!

  2. Congrats to you all on the healthy arrival of those beautiful boys...

  3. Congratulations Skye on the safe arrival of your little boys! They are gorgeous and no doubt bringing you much joy and happiness (and probably very little sleep!). Wishing you all the very best.