Wednesday, August 01, 2007

happy birthday cameron

On Saturday I was really popular, because I got to go to two birthday parties! So first party was for Cameron, and he had a Humpty Cake and a jumping castle. What else would you want when you turn one?

The middle pic is Cameron and his adorable little cousin Ash, who I photographed when he was a little bitty baby. I think they're having a competition to see who is the cutest, and I am glad I dont have to be a judge on that one. I'd never be able to decide!

and here is the slide show...


  1. Jodie2:55 PM

    Great pics as usual Skye. I would be a bit biest and say that Ash is cuter.
    : )

    From Ash's Mum

  2. Well in that case you will have to be disqualified from judging!