Friday, August 10, 2007

models wanted | weddings and fashion

Ok, so every now and then I get a creative itch, I blame it on too much web surfing. So right now I want a couple who will get all glammed up in their evening gear and then let me shoot them where I want to shoot. The shoot will be done most likely on a weekday late afternoon in the next couple of weeks. You don't have to wear a wedding dress, but it would be great if you could. Otherwise it has to be a dressy style of dress, and your man has to wear a suit and a tie to match your dress. You also have to love love love having your pic taken! So you will get the shoot totally free and I will give you $50 worth of prints ( and of course you can buy more! )

So if you werent totally happy with your wedding shots and your dress is still in the cupboard, or if you have a stunning ball gown you are dying to wear make a date with the hair and make up artist and then lets shoot some funky stuff!

But dress warm, we gonna be doing some night shooting... it will be awesome!

And soon I want some models for some fashion style shoots as well ( does anyone know any boys who like to have their photo taken? Kind of young teens age? I need one! And he has to be real cute! ) Fun, funky fashion shoots to get my creative juices flowing. This will be done in late August.

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