Saturday, August 18, 2007

look whats new at srs

Ok, its not stripes the zebra, most of you who have been in the studio would have met him. But the little yellow chair is new. And we have a new black background on a proper backdrop system with pulleys and everything. Very spiffy!
The chair was $1 at a garage sale. I love little old kids chairs ( this is a hint if anyone has any they would like to donate! They're not easy to find ) It was covered in stickers so I spent a good hour with Big Kev's goo remover getting them all off. I took a little bit of paint off to, but it just adds to the character.
Dont forget we are still open for suggestions here at SRS, we have had lots of good ideas and feedback come in but we are still after more, so get emailing! What do you want to see at rocket headquarters? Let me know...

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