Thursday, January 10, 2008

matty and jill's wedding

I'm supposed to be on holidays till Monday, but Jill has waited soooooo patiently to see her photos I had to put in a marathon couple of days to get it done. I bought a new mouse and now i have repetitive mouse injury.... Maybe some shopping will fix it!

Jill and Mattys wedding was lovely, out by the river, with the reception at the boat club. I already knew most of the bridal party ( past wedding clients ) so it was heaps of fun to see everyone ( hi Nicole and Adri! I know Nicole will be checking the blog! )

We got a great dose of colour with an orange wall to pick up the hits of orange on the girls dresses and for a totally original location we shot at the viaduct at north wagga. So it was a beatiful day!

The one below was at the viaduct and I grabbed it just as the train rattled past. I put a lot of texture on this one.


  1. Lesley8:28 AM

    These are so good Skye, as always. They all look brilliant, but Jill looks sensational sorry Matty you come second...x

  2. Skye,
    These pics are absoulutely unreal. i love them all, i cant pic a fave yet... and I cant wait to see them all now. They are stunning. Very happy with them.
    Thankyou so much for taking the time out of your holidays to put these up for me. I know how busy you have been and its very much appreciated.
    Skye, your the best!!!!!!!!

  3. Oooooooh How beautiful is my daughter
    My new son-in-law scrubs up pretty good also.
    The photographer did some pretty mean work.
    hummmmmm I'm so proud

  4. Wow, if i count my comment there are four on this post and i think thats a new record! woo hoo! i love comments. Thanks for the nice words. I had heaps of fun shooting this wedding, everyone was fab.

  5. ... and it was the first time i ever photographed a groom on a bicycle. ( Just wanted to make it five comments! )