Monday, January 21, 2008

what am i doing right now?

Making up album changes for Erin, Allira and Amy... Making changes to Danielle and Miltons engagement book. I have just downloaded some new stuff I really REALLY want to play with but it will have to wait... I am admiring my new donkey coloured feature wall. How would it feel to be one of the people who gets to name paint colours? Hey, that kind of browny colour, thats like a donkey... or electronica and ego moon. They were on paint chips i picked up the other day. I have to go for a little road trip to see Suzanne at Lilly Lane Framing to see how my humungous frames are coming along, take a movie back, and start editing Courtney and Ryans wedding, then edit the Thorp kids, and then Lisa and Scotts wedding and that should, if I am lucky, bring me up to date... almost... And our house smells funny because we are varnishing the new table for the viewing room and it looks soooooo good, i love it.... and if anyone is interested the photo is Manly at three in the morning. Not my idea, it was peer pressure. And i got sea salt all in my hair. And then we had apple pie from the bakery.And this is what Max looks like at three in the afternoon... so comfy. So funny!

Edited to add : ok that list was somewhat unrealistic! I got to the part where i popped in to see Suzanne at Lilly Lane and then it was six o'clock. So i am knocking off to watch americas next top model and try to find something scrummlicious for dinner.

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