Friday, January 18, 2008

random friday post

1. I was in the middle of a mammoth editing session yesterday and photoshop decided to melt down. Its practically impossible to be a digital photography studio without photoshop. I mucked around with it for a couple of hours and finally got it to work, but now I have to redo all my actions and presets, so that will take another couple of hours... then more editing!

2. Big shout out to my niece who was in hospital yesterday, but is home now and doing well. Shes one tough cookie.

3. So theres no real point to this post, I just know that some people are waiting for their stuff to be done, and this meltdown has put my whole timetable out of whack this week... sigh...

4. I have this groovy photo booth style template that I have been playing with. Its fun.
5. I still havent had time to paint my feature wall, but I did finally make a decision on colour and get donkey ( cause Jill had it in her house when i shot her wedding )
6. I need the services of a fabulous book keeper, I just dont have the time to do my books ( and I hate doing my books anyway! ) So if anyone can recommend a good book keeper that would be super. Also if anyone knows a uni student doing graphic design or photography and they want some work experience let me know...


  1. oh she is so beautiful... love this xoxo

  2. I totally agree, she is such a cutie pie. I just printed one of these out and it looks fab... now i just have to figure out where to hang it!

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