Wednesday, July 02, 2008

saturday portrait spots open

Everybody wants a shoot on Saturday! So i have one this Saturday at 3pm ( if you're feeling adventurous get the kids rugged up in their cute beanies and lets go outside! ) and then Saturday the 26th of July is also open. I have a 9 o'clock spot, and a two o'clock spot left.
Edited to add :: ok the two o'clock spot has been booked and so has the nine one. I will try and get another weekend open at some stage... but i am going to a melbourne on two seperate trips, one for my best friends birthday, one for a wedding seminar, then i am supposed to be going to my cousins wedding in grafton, craigs grandparents 65th wedding anniversary in coffs harbour, a birthday party and a hens night.... and i have weddings to shoot... Ummm.... this is supposed to be my quite time! I am off to the hospital now, my friends had a baby last night and want some pics. Woo hoo!

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