Tuesday, September 08, 2009

and down it goes again

The email, website and slideshows are down again... The computer is in the shop, and then i can bring the new one home. Fingers crossed its all i hope it is! The only problem will be setting it up, as it takes ages and ages to get all your bits and pieces onto a new system.
So no comuter means no work... which is not good. But it also means i have the afternoon off... after my next client is finished ( thank goodness for the laptop for viewings ). So i'm going to walk the dog. Gosh my life is exciting.


  1. kylee xo8:50 PM

    what a beautiful photo, she's such a cutie... lol, hope all works out with the computer... good luck xo

  2. She is a little sweetie pie! This is still one of my favourite pics.

  3. kylee xo8:28 AM

    yeah its one of my favourites to... will have to come for a visit when u have time.. xo