Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bess { just too pretty for words }

This is the last post from this session and i have saved my favourite pics till last. These were the last ones taken as the light was fading and I totally love them.

Warning : emotional stuff ahead : Huge thanks and hugs to Briony for giving me some much needed inspiration, and to Bess for being fabulous, and to her mum and dad for letting me steal her and her sisters for a couple of hours, and hitching the trailer up and dragging furniture out into the paddock for me. You rock! Ok, so i am probably sounding like i am doing an acceptance speech for an emmy award or something, but you know what i mean! I just really appreciate it when clients not only let me play with ideas, but fully embrace them. The resulting images speak for themselves. And now i really need some chocolate...

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