Saturday, September 05, 2009

behind the scenes { sneak peek }

I have a couple of fantastic shoots coming up on the blog, but thought i would start off with these little sneak peeks first. Now obviously i didnt take these pics, because I'm in them. The fabulous Briony of Hardinge Photography in Albury snapped these behind the scenes pics. The top pic is me at my engagement shoot, with my fabulous assistant Melissa holding my dress up. And yes its raining. We only did a little bit of shooting and then we gave up and rescheduled for Beechworth in October. But we had fun trying! I think I'm saying something like "if you take my photo i am not going to be happy!". Or maybe it was "i can not believe that its raining at my engagement shoot" or maybe "why am i walking in knee high grass in the rain in three inch gold stilettos?"

The second shot is me carrying my rock star model back to the car. I seriously need a hair cut - look at my fringe! The full post of this shoot wont be long ... And its gonna have some serious awesome!

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