Thursday, October 15, 2009

christmas specials!

I know I know, its too early to think about Christmas. But its not really... There is only 50 days left till the cut off order date. Time to prepare! Although I say that every year, I still end up doing my Christmas shopping the day before Christmas. By myself, because Craig refuses to deal with crowds. Especially at Christmas. But back to the specials!

Portrait boxes are the favourite product for christmas, and they have a great discount. And if you buy a medium sized story board you get a mini version for only $10. Yup, absolute bargain.

To get the specials you have to make your order in November ( up to the cut off date on the 4th of December ) and pay for your whole order upfront. Email for further details!

I also have some new products that i am super duper excited about, and hopefully will have the time to unveil them before christmas! And if you run out of time but stil want some shoot godness then grab a gift voucher, we out a personalised message in them for you and they come in a pretty blue box. Kind of like Tiffanys, but better.

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