Friday, October 16, 2009

whats the best age to photograph baby?

I get asked this question so many times i thought it might be worth its own blog post!

The best time to get photos done of your baby depends on what you want to achieve. If there is a special time in your life or a special bond you want to capture, then get the shoot done.

However, there are certain stages in the first year that are better than others.

The first stage is newborn. Get those beautiful curly squishy sleepy shots. This can only happen in the first ten or so days, and around the five day mark is often best. Babies are very sleepy and let you pose them without waking up.

The next stage is when baby is laying on his or her belly and able to hold their head up quite well. Usually by this stage they are getting smiley too and you can get some great shots of their expressions. If you miss the newborn stage then I really recommend waiting till baby reaches this stage.

Sitting up is the next stage, when they can sit up without needing to be propped up on anything, and can sit for a while quite happily. This is also a good stage to do sibling and family photos as the baby doesnt have to be held.

When baby starts to stand ( and before they start walking if you can! ) is the next stage. This is usually around the one year mark and also a great session to do a cake smashing or something special to celebrate their first brithday. And to make beautiful birthday invitations!


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  2. Katty, thanks for the compliment, although its somewhat ruined by the advertisement that follows it.