Tuesday, April 20, 2010

down in the garden

I just read on someone elses blog, a great post about one of their best friends. So i thought I should do the same thing. Right? But I'm not that eloquent with words. Bit I'm going to give it a try. So this is Melissa. She is sassy, sweet, funny, caring... The friends who are lucky enough to make it into her inner circle will be protected like family. She is the one I ring when I have a fight with Craig and am on my way to another state in tears, the one i ring when my my mum gets sent to hospital again, and the one i randomly text thoughts to, just so i can see what she will reply back.

Next year will be the big three-oh for Lissa. Yup, she's wayyyy younger than me. Just a spring chicken. And for her birthday we are going to Vegas. I cant think of a better way to celebrate this birthday with her. If Melissa was a city, she would be Vegas. Cause she is a rock star.

I have a weekend in May in my diary to go to Melbourne for a visit, to give her hugs before she flies off to Canada for two whole years. I am going to miss her big time. There is a high chance we will do some kind of crazy shoot while we are there, but before that I have a few more posts of our last shoot to come up on the blog. Stay tuned!

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