Monday, April 12, 2010

the wedding expo

Here are some images from the last wedding expo that Skye Rocket went to. Regular blog readers will be wondering about the non-appearance of my "project" table that i did a post about recently. Well, it didnt make the final cut. Turns out the top wasnt big enough to fit an open wedding album on. So after all that work i ended up doing exactly the same as last year, but with this years pics. I will take some pics of it though, and blog them, just cause I have had a few people ask to see the final result. But i have to put handles on it first. And please excuse the poor quality of these pix, i took them with my iPhone.

The top image is a big banner at the front of the expo with a shot taken by me, of the fabulous Shane and Amy, and this image is also on the cover of the magazine that can be found at various outlets around Wagga ( and its free! ). The second shot is of my fabulous assistant for the day. Isnt she cute? She was a great help on the day, and the night before, with all the packing and unpacking and all the behind the scenes work that goes on.

Just sitting behind Taryn is my new sample album, with an acrylic cover. I am in love with this cover.

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