Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hayley and brydees formal

Boy, have formals changed since I did mine! These girls have style. I did not have style in year ten. Although if you had asked me at the time I would've told you I was incredibly stylish. Anyway, these girls have got style. I had a ball watching everyone arrive in their vehicles. Seriously, there were ferraris, a couple of porsches, trucks, harley trikes, the winner of the rev fest burn out comp... And the dresses, and the shoes! I saw some great shoes.

Hope you girls had as much fun as I did. I bet your feet were sore...
Ya'all know I love my lens flair!
PS Edited to add I had porches! Instead of porshe. How funny would it be to arrive in a porch? Ok i have a weird sense of humour...


  1. Keegan5:41 PM

    The Picture Of BRYDEE -- the second pic - looks beautiful.

  2. Ok, i took the hint about the spelling, and its been changed!