Monday, December 10, 2007

most difficult client ever

A couple of months ago Craig and I decided to practice what we preach and get our portraits done. Ok, maybe I decided all on my own, but I couldnt do photos by myself could I? So we got the fabulous Briony Hardinge from Albury to do them for us. And I am a bad subject! Check out the pics, yup, I pulled faces and poked my tongue out... And had chats to every single person who walked past!

Some good lessons I learnt from this : black is good to wear, as are high heeled shoes. You always look at yourself first in photos. You see yourself differently than other people see you ( why is that? ) in photos. Unless you have arms that are trim and toned, wear long sleeves.

So I will post the nice ones that I picked next time, but right now I'm going to bed. Its after eleven. Again.

Some good posts to come soon : after the editing : erin and owens wedding, jill and mattys wedding, two formals and a couple of family shoots. Fun!

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