Saturday, December 29, 2007

holiday? what holiday?

Finallllly.... some quite time. So i have a HUMUNGOUS list that i am supposed to do in my quite time. I was wandering around the place the other day with my camera and snapped some shots of the place and was thinking " This is not how its supposed to look". So its make over time. I know what you're thinking, the place is brand new and its looks great, which it does. But we moved in in a big rush and some things just got done cause it was quick and then i just never had the time to fix it - i have been realllly busy. I lurve my clients... Anyways, so its make over time. Unfortunately at the moment i am sick, yes, again, I am currently working as a snot machine.... yup, totally gross. The whole body aches... And i have weddings to edit and portrait shoots to edit and new stuff to do.

I am actually totally embarrassed to blog these photos now that i think about it... hopefully that will get me motivated off my sick bed and out shopping to get it looking all spiffy for the new year.

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