Tuesday, October 21, 2008

claire and alyson's trash the dress session

I had soooo much fun doing this shoot. Claire and Alyson were absolutely fantastic models, willing to do all the crazy things that I asked. We played with poses, we played with accessories and shoes and fish net stockings, and then we played in the mud. The stinky squishy mud and I think it was fabulous!

So we used Claire and Alysons wedding dresses, but we also used a bridesmaids dress ( the black one ) and funked it up some...

We are even thinking about having a second performance in January, when the water is a bit warmer so we can spend more time on the river shots. Maybe even get some husbands to come along?

A huge thank you to claire and alyson for braving the cold waters of the river and the squishy mud ( i went in up to my knees and was terrified of dropping the camera! ). You rock! And for getting changed in parked cars, laying in uncomfortable positions on brick walls and for brining lollies... and not laughing hysterically when we nearly got bogged at the river.

Did i mention how much fun i had doing this shoot??


  1. kylee6:02 PM

    Wow Love the photos, they look so hot.....!!

  2. Just fantastic - I love these shots, especially the river shots, and the montage is really well done too. The girls look GREAT!!

  3. Thanks Kylee and Fi! They do look great dont they?