Saturday, October 04, 2008

saturday { randomness }

Has anybody ever googled themselves? I just did while i was downloading the files from the wedding I did today, and evidently I ran in a 10k run in Brisbane, where I am asking people to sponsor me and have absolutely zero sponsors so far. Lucky I bought new sneakers last week! There is also another skye davis on face book, can you believe that? And when i was at athletes foot last week they had another two skye davis's on their system. And i thought i was unique! I also work in the porcelain department somewhere in New York. And evidenly I am in Florida and trying to find people to adopt thirty grey hounds. Now thats some fascinating entertainment for Saturday night. I thinks its way past time I had another cold and flu tablet and went to bed. Dont forget to turn your clocks back and have a great weekend!

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