Monday, October 20, 2008

the wedding of danielle and milton

What a beautiful day. We were shooting at our first location and I could see the rain coming towards us, so I shot the bride and the girls and sent them back to the cars so I could shoot the boys before running to the car to go to the next location. When we got there it was beautiful and the rain had stopped. So i had storm clouds and light so yummy you could eat it with a spoon. Totally delicious light. And then just as we finished and I was shutting the gate it started to rain again. At least I was the only one who got wet.

I am in love with this image. I just love everything about it. This might end up huge on my wall. My second favourite is the fourth one down. I love that one too...

I have to give credit to the bridal party, especially to the girls, for traipsing though a paddock full of green grass just after it had rained. It was wet. And it was muddy. They didnt complain much at all, at least until they had to clean the mud off their shoes at the reception. But it was so worth it!
And the ring shot. Taken on a disposable camera which was covered in diamantes. Very cool. As soon as i saw it i said "ring shot" and put one in my pocket till i got a chance to shoot it.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Hey Skye, the photos look soooo good!! You did such a great job. I know Dan and Milt will be so pleased. I can't wait to see the Wedding Album. I really like the ring shot. I saw you taking that photo at the reception, can't believe how good it turned out. It was well worth getting muddy shoes and feet for those great shots in the grass!
    From Nicole Langley - Bridesmaid

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for your comment. You did a great job in the mud ( and maybe even just a little bit of horse poo! ). The album looks great, I had fun designing it with such good pics and such a lovley couple...Cant wait to shot it to Dan and Milt.

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Hey skye.. omg those photos look fantastic, haha yer the muddy/manure shoes, if it wasnt for your little bag of goodies with perfume, deoderant etc we probably would of smelt like it to haha, they look great and i cant wait to see them all.
    Jenna - bridesmaid

  4. Hey Jenna!That little bag of goodies has come in very handy. I have found lots of uses for baby wipes. Although at the last wedding i did the groomsman thought i said i was going to wipe his shoes with baby oil. It was hilarious!