Wednesday, May 13, 2009

happy birthday to MEEEEE

So the clock has ticked over past the midnight hour, which means today is my birthday. I plan to spend the next few hours editing. And then sleeping, and then more editing. And then I might go out for dinner for my birthday. And then i might do some more editing.
Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.

I have decided to try and be positive about the cold. I hate the cold, with a passion. I feel the cold deep down in my bones, and i dont function well when cold. Or tired for that matter! So here is a little list of things i came up with to be positive about concerning winter:

1. jeans and boots. i live in my jeans in winter. and i love my boots.

2. hot chocolate. no explanation needed there.

3. comfort food. i can see why all those kilos i lost over summer have come back with friends and are currently having a party around my waistline.

Thats it. i know its a short list, but ... well thats all i could come up with.


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM


  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Have a wonderful birthday. Make sure that you make some time to celebrate! x Naomi

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Make sure you make time for cake!
    Cheers, Briony

  4. Thanks to all who commented and emailed with birthday wishes, unfortunately i havent had time for cake yet, but i will use any excuse to eat cake!!!

  5. Kylee xo9:10 PM

    Happy Birthday hope you had a wonderful day...