Friday, May 08, 2009

twenty one days to go

Not that I'm counting, but theres only twenty one days left till i go overseas. We are doing a back packing tour around South America, going to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina. I want to see a toucan in the Amazon Jungle, among about a million other things. Evidently the weather can get quite cold over there, even down to minus one, so i have helped to stimulate the economy and bought some thermal underwear from the Kathmandu store. The person serving me asked me if i loved the shop, cause i was very excited to add a hiking towel on a keyring to my already rather large pile of purchases. Well, it was on sale! and you never know when you might need a towel on a keyring...

Cut off date to get your orders back before I go is the 15th of May. Any orders placed after that will get done when i get back in the middle of July. The lovely Janice will be coming in to check the mail, return phone calls, do pick ups and generally take care of things while i am away. But as fabulous as she is, she cant take the photos or do the orders.
And this is our dog Bear who is about six months old. He's such a good boy! Actually, I might go and take him for a walk before I knock off for the night. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and all the mums get totally spoilt on mothers day!

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