Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random wednesday

You know you are stressed when:

1. You go shopping and forget your pin number... yup... thats bad isnt it?

2. You put your lunch in the oven and go to get it half an hour later only to realise you havent actually put it in the oven yet... and so you remain hungry for the next half hour!

3. You call to partner to tell him you will get dinner on the way home and then turn up and want to know why he hasnt cooked dinner.

Guess what else? Only ten days to go till i go overseas. Still got a few posts to put up before i go, one wedding and some cute kids and babies, and i have posts set to come up while i am away, and i will log on when i can from overseas and keep y'all updated. But i can only upload the pics from craigs little snappy camera as most computers cant handle my cameras file size. I tried to pack my back pack on sunday night, and - surprise surprise - it doesnt all fit and i still need some more stuff in there. And i checked the weather forecast and one of the places we are going - sigh - is only 4 degrees. And i do not function well in the cold, so this one is going to be interesting.

Travel Tip : you know when you buy a new jumper and they give you a little plastic bag with a spare button in it? Those little bags are the best thing to pack your earrings in when you travel. They dont rub or tangle with each other and you can see them all easily. I am just full of useful information.

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