Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh gosh

What on earth was i thinking?
One weekend, two photographers, one engaged couple,
a ballerina and eight kids under ten. I must be crazy!

Thanks to all who replied to the model call at such short notice, I coudnt fit everyone in but I have never seen such a bunch of gorgeous kids!

A few people have asked why on earth would i spend one of my rare weekends off doing this? Well, it started off as a simple idea. I wanted to do a workshop with a photographer from America who was visiting Australia. But it was soooo expensive and in US dollars. But i love work shops. I love learning new things, being challenged, trying new things. So we thought we'd do our own workshop, but not a workshop. Kind of an anti-workshop. So lets get a couple of child models and try something different. Do your favourite type of shoot. Shoot what you love. Which sounds great. My dream shoot? What could be better! Of course the whole thing has taken on a life of its own and gotten bigger and bigger and i am crossing all of my fingers and all of my toes that i can pull it off.

Wish me luck and watch the blog to see what we come up with!

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