Friday, August 07, 2009

random friday

There are a few questions i have been getting asked a lot lately so i thought i might answer them here.

The first thing : where is your engagement ring? Its getting made! Craig spent quite a bit of time doing research and choosing diamonds. And you cant rush quality. So i am still waiting for my ring VERY PATIENTLY.

Two : why havent you posted pics of your snazzy new office? Because its not finished yet! Craig had piles and piles of paperwork all over the place and the we are still waiting for a set of drawers to arrive so we can be totally organised. Then i need to figure out a fabulous way to display lots of photos and inspirational images.

Third : where are the photos from your trip? Well, heres three. They take a long time to edit and process and there is a lot of them! I have been really busy with portraits at the moment and havent had much time to look at them.

These ones are from the first country we visited, Ecuador. The top one is taken in the Amazon Jungle and was the view from out rainforest lodge. A favourite! The middle and bottom ones were taken in Quito.

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