Friday, August 14, 2009

random friday { with diamonds }

Helllo Friday! Lets get random.

  1. I got my engagement ring yesterday. Tis very sparkly!
  2. apple and berry crumble with ice cream for morning tea is both good and bad
  3. i have no idea who will shoot my wedding photos. ok, i may have some ideas but i'm just not telling cause we havent decided where we are having the wedding, or even when.
  4. i know a lovely mum who has some gorgeous baby girls clothes for sale, mainly in sizes 00 and 000, really pretty stuff and most is brand new, some still have tags. let me know by email if you are interested and i will shoot your details off to her. otherwise i will buy it all and i dont even have kids. but it would be for the studio. of course.
  5. my new lounge for the studio arrived today, hopefully the boys can pick it up. that means a rearrange of the studio may be in order for this weekend.
  6. i am booking up about four weeks in advance at the moment and that is only going to increase as wedding season starts up, so keep that in mind if you are going to book a portrait session soon.
  7. i am having a big shoot out weekend in august and might need models so will do a blog post on that soon. time to get creative and have a play! hopefully the weather will co-operate.
  8. i was excited to see the pink blossoms have started to flower, and so has the wattle, so that means spring is on the way. that means sessions outside in the sunshine! woo hoo!


  1. kylee xo1:55 PM

    hey well you know we are in town now so if u every need cheyenne as a model you know where to find us...
    will have to come for a visit when you arnt so busy, just so i can see ya ring.... (now that sounds good hey) lol xo

  2. Kylee! I have missed your comments! I saw Chey on face book, she is getting cuter and cuter.