Sunday, April 24, 2011

child model call for creative sessions

A lot of people ask why i still do creative shoots, and the truth is I just love them. I get to style, and direct and use whatever props i want and i love it! Its also a great way to try out some setups before you get a client in to use it, only to find you were missing some vital ingredients. I have some new props i really want to experiment with too.

I alway have ideas for shoots bouncing around in my head, and they need to get out so I can get new ones in there. I will drive past a location, or see a prop somewhere, and i can see the shoot in my head. The best part is thats all so much fun, it spills over into all my other work, and thats a good thing.

I try to do a couple of these a year, some just for kids and then some for fashion, which is a great way for me to play. Soooo much fun! These sessions are for kids, and we need some models! Normally I try to only use people I haven’t photographed before so i always have new people in my portfolio, but as i know there were a few people who were trying to book and couldn’t get a session so we are opening applications wide up. Keep in mind though, that these are not run like my normal sessions exactly. I always have a very particular idea of the type of style, props, outfits and models i want to use, and we don’t normally deviate much from that.

The sessions are also only mini sessions, so each child or set up may only get twenty minutes or so of shooting time, whereas a normal Skye Rocket session is an hour ( which gives more time to get the kids warmed up and playing the game )

You will also need to sign a full model release for myself and Briony Hardinge of Hardinge Photography so that we have full permission to use the images for our portfolio and advertising work.

How much does it cost?
Nada. The session fee of $70 is waived plus you get $50 worth of prints for free.

What do we need to bring?
Depends on the session, some I already have the outfits and for others you may need to supply a particular outfit, or part of an outfit.

When are the sessions held?
Final times still need to be locked in, but Thursday afternoon the 5th of May, and Friday morning and the afternoon of the 6th of May.

Where are the sessions held?
At locations in and around Wagga, some may require a fifteen or so minute drive to the location. All sessions at this point are on location, not in the studio ( although that may change if we have bad weather, or the sessions may be cancelled altogether ).

What models do you need?
Thursday Afternoon :
Cute girl, about six to eight months, sitting well but not standing yet
Up to two older girls, about three to five who love having their photo taken!
( This session will be quite pink and girly girly )
I have a pink pettiskirt i want to use here, which would suit a girl about two to five and i will make a singlet to match once i know sizing, but other models will need to be in girly outfits - tutus, pettiskirts, stipey leggings, vintage dresses, think pink, glitter , teacups and fairy floss.

Friday Morning
Cute girls who would suit a vintage look, from sitting up well to ten or so?
( You will need to supply the outfits for this one, probably similar to the looks from Tea Princess and Doll Cake, lots of vintage lace and flowers, white, pink and pale blue )

Friday Afternoon
Boys standing but not walking if possible, otherwise boys who are happy and smiley
Older boys, cheeky ones who like being photographed
You will need to have the boys in cowboy boots for this session, and probably jeans and white singlet or something similar.
For a younger boy ( sittting well, say six to eight months ) i will have an outfit of bloomers and singlet to match once i know sizing. 

Either morning or afternoon :
Also want to do an autumn shoot here, but waiting to see what fabulous looks the models have, so if you have a cute kid and are interested in an autumn themed type of session please send an email ( address listed below ). Will depend on what props i can get too... Then we will design the mini session around you.

EDITED TO ADD : i have had way more interest in the autumn sessions than i thought i would, so we are not going to do the cowboy styled shoot anymore, because nobody has cowboy boots! I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve instead. The autumn leaves are looking rather fabulous so lets make use of them!

How to apply?
Please send an email, with a photo of your child or children to
( You need to do the proper dots and such in the email address, but this way the spammers don’t get my email address, fingers crossed, i get enough spam as it is! )

Please let me know your availability and preference for session days and times.

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  1. sounds super fun! good luck getting your models, can't wait to see the blog posts on them! xx