Friday, April 22, 2011

sophia { two years old } wagga child portrait photographer

We did two totally different looks for Sophias two year old session. ( I just photographed her ten day old baby sister today, sooo cute! ). I was loving the lace dress from Tea Princess with the old stone, and then we did a change to some pink and yellow with a pink tractor on the farm. We tried to get some chickens involved too but they were a bit camera shy!

Sophias mum was pregnant when we did this shoot, so the two of us would have been quite a sight lugging my camera gear and sophias stuff through a flooded paddock with a really big bull in it. But not to worry, I had my gumboots on, and we had a bull wrangler with us too. Unfortunately Sophias mum had her thongs on so her feet were a wee bit muddy by the time we got to the other side, but it was a small price to pay for such cute shots!

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