Monday, April 18, 2011

what to wear

Please excuse the poor quality of these shots, i took them on my iphone through a shop window at night time ( after craig took me out for dinner at Hogs Breath - yum! )!  I snapped the pics cause i thought these were great outfits for girls photo sessions.I tried to find the outfits on the website to get some better images but could only find the black and white striped dress with the tulle skirt. I am loving the scrunchy sock leggings things with the boots and the sneakers, and the scarf and hat finish it off. These outfits are perfect for an autum location session.

I find boys outfits harder to do as they all seem to have big pictures and graphics on the shirts, which i find a bit distracting in a photo. But i managed to put these two outfits together. A red hat or beanie would go great with the red striped shirt too, maybe even a red belt...

Have fun shopping!

Outfits are all from Pumpkin Patch!

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