Friday, April 15, 2011

completely and utterly booked up for the rest of the year!

Well, its happened earlier than i thought it would, but yesterday i booked my last spot for this year.

Now if ( and thats a really REALLY big if ) i find that two sessions is just too easy for me to handle while raising a new baby then i will put some more sessions in October and November. But absolutely no guarantees this will happen. I might even have a look at doing a day or two of mini sessions... something to think about. Keep an eye on the blog, thats where i will put all the details.

The calender for next year isnt open yet, I have already had some enquiries and I know i will get more, but at this stage its just too hard for me to plan that far ahead. 

Big huge apoligies to all those who have tried to book, and who will try, I have done as much as i can to keep everyone happy. I asked Craig the other day if he thought I was working too much and he told me that I would know. The next day i could barely get off the lounge. My weekends are becoming so special to me now that i have less weddings on, just a day of rest that i never needed before.

I am so looking forward to being a mum, honestly it was something I never really planned on doing when I was younger, but my maternal clock started clanging about two year ago. I tried ignoring it for a while, but eventually I had to sit down and have a good look at how i was feeling.  I can blame a few too cute photo sessions in my studio I think!

A big thank you to all the clients who have been so supportive, your advice and encouragement has meant the world to me, as have the lovely gifts! Once I get settled and into the swing of the whole motherhood thing I am sure that The Rocket Ranch will be back stronger than ever.

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